The ISO 9001 and QS 9000 quality management system has been introduced at the “Systems of Control – ConSys.

All control systems provided to you (control cables, pedals, shifters) meets the most stringent requirements of the international standarts. In addition, we are proud to announce that the verification of compliance with quality standards of our products meet the most well-known organizations in the world such as Lloyd`s and UL:

lloyds ul
You can be sure that the most respected customers of our products in Ukraine are also satisfied with its quality.

Confirmation of high quality of company enterprise “Systems of Control – ConSys”:

Editorial office (Madrid) Spain Preparatory Committee for the International Prize “For Quality”, awarded annually to our publishing group in collaboration with the “Trade Leaders’ Club” on the basis of information provided by businessmen-members of the club (7700 members from 90 countries), as a result of voting chose the company “Systems of Control – ConSys” as worthy of this award. This award is given to the company “Systems of Control – ConSys” annually since 2009.
quality consys Ukrainian Research Center of good governance. Presentation of the national award “Golden symbol of quality” and the honorary title of “Leader of Entrepreneurship of Ukraine” – 2014.
quality consys WQC (World Quality Commitment) – Paris 2014. Award company “Systems of Control – ConSys” prize in the category of gold – an international star for quality of WQC.

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actual catalog of products and the applicability of the cables on the road technics

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