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Company “Systems of control – CONSYS” is the official production and commercial representative of the British company ORSCHELN EUROPE. We have qualified personnel for the design and production of control systems, have intellectual property rights to the products manufactured by us as well as the full set of required technologies and equipment, providing the opportunity of serial and individual production of different control systems for the needs of as assembly plants, and for individuals.

Our customers are the various vehicles, building construction, machine tools and medicine.

GROUND: trucks, buses, tractors, combines, railway, subway, road machinery, drilling machinery, communal machinery, other equipment.

WATER TRANSPORT: ships, yachts, boats, scooters.

AIR TRANSPORT: aircraft, helicopters, amphibious.

Our long-term production ties with companies in Europe, America and Asia allow performing your orders in the case if we do not produce it.

Our patents:

Ukraine – Russia – Belarus


Our achievements:

By results of 2013 “Systems of control – CONSYS” was included in the category of “AA” among enterprises KVED 29.32.1 (Manufacture of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry). “League of the Best” awards the order “Leader of the economy.”
Exporter 2013 in Ukraine on the basis of scientifically based statistical methodology weighted ranking companies Ukraine company “Systems of control – CONSYS” takes the prize among exporters Ukraine for the sum of 4 indicators of foreign trade.
The winner of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian quality contest (goods and services) “100 best goods of Ukraine – 2008” “Systems of control – CONSYS”.
Exporter of the Year Top-10 UKTZED (Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity)
LEAGUE OF THE BESTS International Economic Rating According to official data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and in accordance with EUROPEAN STANDART RATING held dynamics of economic indicators ranking among 350 000 economic entities of Ukraine. As of 2010 the company “Systems of control – CONSYS” gained advantage over competitors occupied
2nd place in the ranking of “The dynamics of enterprise standards, according to KVED №34.30.0” – “Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and engines.”
National business rating According to reports to the State Statistics of Ukraine, indentified company “Systems of control – CONSYS” as” Industry Leader 2011 “.
Systems of control – CONSYS” took “36” place in Ukraine among enterprises in the direction of “Manufacture of machinery and equipment for agriculture are forestry ‘(KVED 29.32.1).
COMMITTEE FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT According to official data of State Statistics of Ukraine “Systems of control – CONSYS” in recent years has repeatedly occupied a leading position in the economic rankings in its main activity, which showed its own stability, high economic performance, competence in the organization workflow.
Exporter of the Year in Ukraine. This status confirms the high personal and professional achievements leading position of “Systems of control – CONSYS” in Ukraine. It should be noted that the company “Systems of control – CONSYS” is a leader in several product groups.


Internet says about us:

“… The third, and final, deal was the implementation of using powerful remote control cable, which you can see on the following photos:

The scheme works perfectly.

Special thanks to the General Manager and Chief Technologist of “Systems of control – CONSYS” (http://consys.com.ua) for operational advice and assistance. ”

source: 4wd.ru

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