Remote control cables, their characteristics and loss of travel

In this article, the company ConSys will consider the characteristics of the remote control cables used on buses, special. machinery, combines and tractors, as well as trucks.
The most important performance parameter is the loss of cable travel (play = Backlash).
During operation, the remote control cable inevitably lengthens (stretches), which leads to a fuzzy or even difficult inclusion of gears.

Sometimes the quality of the remote control cables is such that after a short life of the vehicle it is necessary to adjust it. But the owners do not always know about this and bring the control cable to failure. Sometimes the design of the cables does not allow its adjustment – this is stated here

Each control cable has a characteristic called “LOSS OF STROKE” or in English sources – BACKLASH factors of mechanical control cables. The loss of stroke is measured as the difference between the magnitude of the movement of the cable under pulling and pushing loads, while the outgoing end of the cable remains stationary:

Потеря хода троса управления

Loss of control cable travel


This phenomenon is associated with the presence of gaps between the core and the sheath of the control cable.

Theoretically, the loss of stroke should tend to zero, but in practice, some loss of stroke should be allowed, otherwise the remote control cable will be “hard to walk” or remain pinched. Loss of travel causes include the frictional properties of core and cladding materials, the presence of a curved path, and sometimes the length of the cable. Also, the reasons may be due to thermal expansion, etc.

For each cable manufacturer, most popular in the CIS, these data are given below:

1)     For Kongsberg Automotive (KA) MORSECONTROLS (

Cable series

Data shown is only for 360 degrees (Maximum Backlash for 360 degrees)


.120inches (3.1 mm)


.150inches (3.8 mm)


.180inches (4.6 mm)


.230inches (5.8 mm)


2)     For Cablecraft Motion Controls (

Потеря хода троса Cablecraft

Loss of control cable travel Cablecraft


3)     For Orscheln Group (

Потеря ходя троса Orscheln

Loss of control cable travel Orscheln

As you can see, various manufacturers of remote control cables even initially have a different “LOSS OF STROKE”. Moreover, this “LOSS OF STROKE” increases with the time of its operation.

Our company ConSys manufactures control cables designed for operability during 300,000 pulling cycles without increasing the “LOSS OF STROKE”. For the most loaded cables there is an opportunity to increase their performance up to 800,000 cycles.

Note that the ConSys control panel can manufacture for you a remote control cable of any configuration for any vehicles, even if they are not serial! It is enough for you to send us a sample of the cable or indicate the required parameters and we will produce for you a new remote control cable to replace your worn out one!

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