Shifters, modulators, joysticks and master units

педалями управления акселератором двигателя Евро - 3 и Евро-4“Systems of Control – CONSYS” offers shifters (switches), modulators, joysticks and master units of any configurations.

To control any mechanism used classical scheme: change mechanism (change, selection); a transmitting unit (wires, pneumatic line, hydraulic line, remote control cable, etc.); actuating mechanism.

Changes mechanism (change, selection) or switch, or joystick, or shifter – it is device by which act on the actuator.

Examples of using shifters:

  • shifting gears in gearbox (shifter works discretely, it can take only certain positions);
  • change engine speed in scooters, motorcycles, boats and so on (shifter works selectively, it can take any position).

Manual shifters offered by “Systems of Control – CONSYS” can be supplied with control cables and specially designed to ensure the highest customer requirements. All variety of shifters you can see in the catalog.

каталог шифтеров и джойстиков


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