Transmission Control (Automatic) ALLISON

In the modern world, automatic transmission is quite widespread. To control the automatic gearbox, cable drives are used based on shifters, selectors with the function of fixing the cable in certain positions (Fig. 1, 1a) or without fixing it (Fig. 2, 2a). The selector AKP determines the mode of its operation; the desired mode is selected by moving it to one of the possible positions. To prevent accidental switching of modes, special protection mechanisms are used. In the case of a selector with a fixation of the position, as a rule, a locking button is used, located on the side under the driver’s thumb, or a locking mechanism, which is activated by two fingers.

The location of the selector lever may be different. Currently, a floor selector is commonly used.

The cable drive for controlling an automatic transmission (Fig. 1) is designed according to the same principle as the drive for controlling a manual transmission, but differs from it in the number and design of parts. In addition, this drive is also used for other mechanisms that require position fixation.

управление АКПП

Fig. 1. Selector with the function of fixing the cable in certain positions

shifter консис

Fig.1a. Shifter with cable lock function

Shifters with a friction pad (Fig. 2.2a) do not have fixed positions and are used if necessary to control a smooth change in the course of the cable.

They can be used both for controlling automatic gearboxes and for other mechanisms (controlling the engine’s accelerator, controlling the high-pressure fuel pump, controlling the hydraulic pump pumps, etc.).                                                                             Шифтеры с фрикционной накладкой

Fig.2. Non selector selector

Шифтеры с фрикционной накладкой

Fig.2a. The selector without fixing (photo)

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