Systems of Control - CONSYS

Systems of Control - ConSys is the official production and sales distributor of UK company - ORSCHELN EUROPE. We have qualified personnel to design and production, intellectual property rights to our products, as well as full set of required technologies and equipment, enabling the manufacture of various control systems for the needs of OEMs and individual customers. Our products are variety of mechanical and electronic control systems for vehicles or stationary machines. Among them: push-pull control cables, mechanic and electronic pedals, shifters, master-units and modulators for the gearboxes other mechanisms, different fittings, levers for all kinds of technics. Besides we can provide custom solutions of control systems for specialized land, air and sea vehicles.

Push-pull control cables

Control cables: Control cables can be divided by the purpose: push-pull cables or tension cables. According to the work efforts: Series 3, Series 4, Series 6 and Series 8 (max loads). According to the conditions of work: for normal environment, for marine, for high temperatures.

Precise cables Flexball

Precise control cables, Flexball: A special kind of control cables where the linear bearing (ball or roller) moving inside cable’s conduit, allowing you to transfer much bigger pushing or pulling forces than traditional control cables, with absolutely no backlash and efficiency of almost 100%.

End fittings for cables

Control cables end fittings: Many types of cables attaching to the actuating or control mechanisms, different ball-joints, movable flanges, clevises (split and unsplit), dampers and much more

Levers, shifters, joysticks

Master-units, shifters, joysticks: Different levers, joysticks, shifters and master units are control mechanisms for control cables. For example for mechanical transmission control needed master unit (selector), for automatic transmissions needed shifter, to control hydraulics needed joysticks.

Mechanical control pedals

Floor or suspended pedals: Many mechanisms are controlled by the driver`s foot: engine speed control (ICE, hydraulic motors), hydrostatic transmission control, hydraulic system control (such as an excavator bucket) and many others. For these purposes used mechanical pedals that can control through cable or sometimes through two cables

Electronic control pedals

Electronic control pedals: CONSYS offers electronic pedals with Hall-sensors - there are no rubbing parts (as in the pedals with potentiometer), that provides durability. Environmental requirements "Euro-2", "EURO-3" ... "Euro 6" dictate the use of electronic pedals in a variety of modern vehicles.

electronic and mechanical control systems for all types of equipment

actual catalog of products and the applicability of the cables on the road technics

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ISO 9001 The ISO 9001 and QS 9000 quality management system has been introduced at the “Systems of Control – ConSys. All control systems provided to you (control cables, pedals, shifters) meets the most stringent requirements of the international standarts. In addition, we are proud to announce that the verification of compliance with quality standards of our products meets requirements of most well-known organizations in the world and they also issued the necessary certificates to our employees. Company "Systems of control - ConSys", as the official production unit of the British company "ORSCHELN Europe", for several years has commercial relations with the world`s leading companies. The condition of these relations is the presence of the certificate for quality management system requirements of QS-9000, which contains additional requirements specific to the automotive industry.

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