Electronic accelerator pedals for Euro-3 and Euro-4 engine

педали управления акселератором двигателя Евро-3 и Евро-4ConSys will provide your company with electronic pedals for controlling the engine accelerator with the requirements of Euro-3 and Euro-4. Environmental standards Euro 3 began to operate in Russia on January 1, 2008.
In conventional engine control systems, the engine is operated by acting on the accelerator pedal, which is mechanically connected to the high-pressure fuel pump (High Pressure Fuel Pump – Diesel Engine). The force from the accelerator pedal to the high-pressure fuel pump is usually transmitted through the remote control cable, sometimes, in earlier designs, using mechanical rods. In modern engine management systems, remote control cables, and especially mechanical traction, are absent. The efforts of the driver when you press the pedal are recorded by the pedal position sensors and in the form of electrical signals, depending on its angular position, are transmitted to the electronic control unit (ECU). The proposed pedals use a non-contact sensor using the Hall effect, the characteristics obtained from which are a function of its angular position of the pedal. For protective or diagnostic purposes, in case of a malfunction of the main sensor, an additional sensor can be installed. Incoming and outgoing voltage characteristics are set during the manufacture of pedals and are presented in the form of graphs for calculating the stroke or angular movement of the pedal.
For vehicles with automatic transmission, a kick-down sensor can be installed also.

Coordination of the use of ConSyS electronic pedals:

zakluchenie YaMZ Coordination of the use of the electronic pedal by Avtodiesel OJSC Confirmation of approval by the Avtodiesel OJSC of the use of the EAAX-EXP0029P-01 electronic pedal on buses of PAZ LLC with YaMZ-5342 engines, as well as the EXP00025 electronic pedal for cars of AvtoKrAZ HC with YaMZ-536 and YaMZ-650/651 engines. In terms of electrical characteristics, the pedals EAAX-EXP0029P-01, EXP00025 developed by the control panel – CONSYS control panel are identical to those used at present in ESM of YaMZ-530 and YaMZ-650 engines.
mmz pedal small Coordination of the use of the electronic pedal by the Minsk Motor Plant OJSC Based on the BOSCH conclusion, OJSC MMZ confirms the compatibility of the electronic pedals ORSCHELN EAAXEXP00025, EAAX-EXP0029P-01 manufactured by ConSys control panel with the hardware of the EDC7UC31 electronic control unit installed on the engines of OJSC MMZ.

The principle of operation of the proximity sensor:

электронная педаль холлаIf a current “I” passes through a silicon plate in a magnetic field whose magnetic induction vector “B” is perpendicular to the plane of the plate, then a potential difference called emf occurs on the faces parallel to the current direction Hall.
Sensor Technology with Hall Effect
Hall Effect = No Contacting parts
Not affected by lateral force
Not affected by environment
Programmable output signals
SENSOR life : >80,000,000
Switch position +/-1%
Sensor Technology with Hall Effect
Floor pedals:
30 ° angle small foot print or 38 ° angle
30° angle small foot print 38° angle
Outboard pedals:
Polymer Sensor Integrated Direct Drive or Polymer Direct Drive
Polymer Sensor Integrated Direct Drive Polymer Direct Drive
· Eliminate signal loss and provide a stable signal for EMC
· Meet EMC requirements + 800 discrete(10bits) high resolution signal
· Long endurance life ( > 10,000,000 full stroke cycle)
· Stable against environmental changes, vibration, temperature, moisture, lateral force

Characteristics of the dependence of the supply voltage on the pedal stroke:

a) floor pedal:

напольная педаль floor pedal

b) suspension pedal:

подвесная педаль outboard pedal

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