Mechanical suspended and floor mounted pedals

Механическая педаль ноги FelstedFor widespread use on heavy trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, road construction equipment, and generally all other mechanisms that can be controlled by foot, company Felsted specially developed “mechanical foot pedal“.
The pedal has a much higher stiffness, durability and reliability as compared with aluminum castings, and has a shape that prevents the feet from slipping from the pedal pad. This is achieved by the fact that it used for manufacturing steel with specially designed bronze protective coating (protect from contact with oils), which will not wear out, such as coating polymers.

For ease of installation pedal applied bolting to the floor at the three points. Install the control cable includes a unique mounting lock type that requires minimal installation time. For versatility pedal is rotatable through 360 ° about an axis, allowing mount control cable from any side. Pedal can be used with 3 and 4 series 2 and 3 inches travels. It is also possible to connect the pedal with a modulator, if necessary the engine work at high loads. Return the pedal to its original position is provided by a spring. To improve ergonomics is possible to adjust the pedal height. Another feature is the presence of a special pad that cleans the shoes from dirt and allows rest of driver’s foot. If you are using a pedal with cables, made by “Systems of Control – ConSys”, you get a reliable control system, which can always be relied upon.

Scope of the mechanical pedal is wide enough:
– Land, road and special vehicles (tractors, excavators, trucks, buses, harvesters, drilling station);
– Sea and river transport (boats, yachts).
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