Investigating shifting problems in control systems

регулировка троса КППCompany “Systems of Control – ConSys” offers to get acquainted with widespread shifting the problems and methods to solve them!

On the Internet you can find a lot of forums, where discussed problems with gearbox shifting by control cable actuators. Often referred work deterioration of the switching system in time (extraneous sounds, increased efforts, inability to activate certain gears, etc). To solve this problem craftsmen invent many ways: changing the length of the cable with special adapter (for example, here); changing cable mounting brackets (for example, here); lubricate the rubbing cable surfaces. All these problems related to the fact that over time, all the mechanisms are losing their characteristics: because of the efforts change position of the brackets, increased backlash of each mechanism, etc. In this case new cables or their analogs do not solve the problem, since not fix changes in the entire system.

бонка регулировки троса КППThe manufacturer of the original cables produces all cables the same (within limits, of course) with the same mounting dimensions and, accordingly, are not taken into account the possible changes in the size of their design for installation during vehicle operation. Therefore, described above ways for correction do not always provide results.

But solving a problem of adjustment of the control cables without any “improvements” by the owner of the vehicle is very simple. Based on our experience with a variety of automotive engineering designers it learned that in their designs they are trying to use control cable with different types of mounting on cable sides (clamp and threaded connections). This makes it possible on the one hand to install the cable precisely (clamp connection), on the other hand receive the necessary adjustments (threaded connection). But, as we have seen above, often, is required adjustment of clamp connection. Specialists of our company and the corporation “Bogdan Motors” was developed way of a clamping connection with the adjustment that makes much easier life of vehicle owners. In this case uses a special threaded rivet nut, which complies with all the mounting dimensions of mounting bracket but on threaded hub. Example of such connection you can see here. Threaded rivet nut fixed by nut on a threaded hub, which corresponds to the nominal size of the installation. If during operation will be needed change size of the installation, this can be solved by simply moving threaded rivet nut on a hub.

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