Shifters “KomandPost” on tractors Kirovets series K-744

We are pleased to announce the successful application of modern transmission control systems on Kirovets K-744 tractors.

“Systems of Control – ConSys” cooperates with JSC “PTZ” and provides the modern equipment for the so-called “CommandPost” module – automated transmission “Т5” control with ergonomic joystick.

Joint well-coordinated work of the “CommandPost” shifter and automatic transmission “T5” with gears and clutches of the updated design provides comfortable operator work in the tractor cab. Precision pneumatic system of switching ranges with the help of the “CommandPost” module corresponds to the current trends of tractors building and guarantees an increased service life of the transmission.

ConSys is proud of its products, which are an important part of Kirovets tractors management.

ConSys – Company of the year 2016

“Systems of Control – ConSys” is among the rating nominees and shall be entitled to receive the status of “COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2016”. Our index is one of the best among the competitors and confirmed with the proper symbols.

A new application of ConSys cables

After field tests we received technical conclusion of suitability of our control cables for busses “ATAMAN” (the lineup: A092H6, A092G, A092, A093 – with gearbox MYY6S and engine 4HK1E-4NC) produced by PJSC “Cherkassy Bus”.

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actual catalog of products and the applicability of the cables on the road technics

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