Where ConSys products are installed?

On the slider photos you can see vehicles that are using our products.

Why us? Let’s see: we offer the control cable and the accompanying various levers, master units, selectors, shifters, pedals.

Refer to the catalog and choose: ConSys catalog

Such proposals can be found quite a lot. But our price offers and design features you will appreciate quickly enough:

  • The efficiency of the control cables is estimated the number of movements of transmission cycles push-pull (for ordinary cables – 800 000 cycles, for precision cables – over 1 000 000). Why? Because of special materials and special design of the conduit and the core.
  • The efficiency of electronic pedals for engines with the requirements of Euro-3, 4, 5, 6 more than 10 million cycles, because they have no rubbing parts, the potentiometer is based on Hall sensor, so pedal is almost eternal.
  • About quality of our products speak our awards and certificates.
  • Your doubt we will eliminate by authority of our customers, it is well-known brands – look at our table of applicability: ConSys applicability
  • You can order any number of products; our managers will help resolve issues of payment and shipment of your order.

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actual catalog of products and the applicability of the cables on the road technics

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