Hydraulic control levers and cables

рычаги управления гидрораспределителемComponents of hydraulic systems for mobile equipment: levers and control cable of the control valve from the control panel “Control Systems – CONSIS”.

Almost any modern construction machine cannot be imagined without hydraulic and pneumatic drives. As a rule, when working with heavy loads, a hydraulic drive is used. Hydroallocators are designed to control the flow of working fluid, which can be equipped with various types of control: pneumatic, remote mechanical (cable), hydraulic, electric, manual.

ConSys successfully produces hydraulic components for mobile equipment: a selector control lever + a control valve cable (in Russia, the well-known analogue of control valves made by Indemar).

The control valves can be assembled in blocks in the required quantity, and the customer can control the control cable of the control valve of any length. Details of connecting the control cable to the control valve (flanges, couplings, pins, etc.) are supplied complete and can be standard or made according to customer drawings. ConSys is ready to fulfill customer requirements for ergonomics, i.e. provide a preset force to control the operation of the control valves, which is achieved by increasing the forces transmitted by the cable and changing the lever arm. It is possible to change the design of the lever handle at the request of the customer.

Application: hydraulic systems of tractors, agricultural machines, excavators, loaders, cranes, earthmoving machinery, bulldozers, scrapers, graders, hydraulic manipulators and others.

Our consumers: St. Petersburg Tractor Plant (PTZ Kirovets), OAO Tuimazinsky Concrete Truck Plant, Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) Lipetsk Tractor Plant, KurganMashZavod, Onega Tractor Plant, Raditsk Machine-Building Plant, Bryansk Arsenal, Amkodor, OAO RASKAT, HSW (Huta Stalowa Wola) and others.

трос управления гидрораспределителем

троса управления гидрораспределителемтрос дистанционного управления гидрораспределителем

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