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Gearbox cables are a special type of cable drives, based on the loads assigned to them when controlling the units and assemblies of the vehicle, in particular the gearbox. Obviously, there are a large number of varieties of remote control cables, such as control of the hydraulic valve or the accelerator, etc., but it is the gearbox cables that have the highest operating loads, that is, they transmit or receive maximum efforts from the controls.

Checkpoint cables manufactured by ConSys are installed on various equipment, namely: Bogdan, KaVZ, NefAZ, LiAZ, MAN, MAZ, other buses and trucks. Of course, they are also installed on special equipment. The gearbox cable in most cases is based on the so-called 6th series of bowdens, that is, casings (cable sheaths) with a corresponding reinforced core.

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The use of the 6th series in gearbox cables is logical and justified, based on the name of the loads transmitted. Which gearbox cables do you need to select gears or gearbox cables for gear shifting, in both cases the Control Systems – ConSys control panel will provide you with the necessary products, since it is our gearbox cables that are installed at factories in the production of road equipment throughout the CIS and in some European countries …

The gearbox cable is used mainly in cases where the installation of rigid rods made in the form of hollow rods or pipes is unacceptable, based on the architecture of the arrangement of vehicle components and assemblies. The gearbox cables solve the problem of an arbitrarily complex route for the transmission of push-pull forces from the controls to the gearbox.

Often small-scale manufacturers, as well as authors of home-made vehicles, turn to us for help in solving their problems in transferring remote forces from the levers located in the cabin to the gearbox of their all-terrain vehicles, SUVs or other special vehicles. So, the ConSys checkpoint cables are used on SHERP and SHAMAN all-terrain vehicles, as well as in some other equipment.


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ConSys gearbox cables are always specialized for a specific vehicle, namely, they have the necessary fittings, that is, fittings at the ends of the cable, which correspond to the gearbox cable fastening to the control body or the executive body (gearbox). You can study a variety of end fittings on checkpoint cables on our website or request via the feedback form. Gearbox cables manufactured by ConSys can also have individually made ends.

The reliability of the ConSys gearbox cables is guaranteed by 500,000 cycles. The choice of checkpoint cables in our store is huge! We invite you to visit it and choose the right cable for your equipment. If you do not find a suitable gearshift cable in our store, use the form below to manufacture a custom-made product!

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