Flexball control cables

The most important property of control cable is its ability to transmit force from the control mechanism to the actuator (in other case why do you need it?).

But even ancient noticed that friction forces prevent any movement, especially when the route of laid control cable has a lot of bends.

Known task: whether the ten-year child can hold sea ship with rope? It can if entwine rope around the post. Because as a result of “n” turns of rope force required for its retention is reduced to Т0/Т = e2pmn times. This is the famous Euler formula. If there are many bands of route, this is a major obstacle for force transmission of control cable.

And why there are engineers? As they compared the control cable with a linear bearing, so immediately realized: “sliding friction is less than rolling friction” and they came up with the design of the FLEXBALL cable. If standard control cable or bowden can translate push-pull forces not bigger than 1000-2000 N. With bigger efforts will work control cables manufactured exclusively by special FLEXBALL technology (push-pull efforts from 800 to 15000 N). In this case cable efficiency close to 100% without loss of travel (backlash). To find needed cable, please see our catalog.

All this is difficult, but it is achievable, Design of control cable by FLEXBALL technology is shown below:

flexball cable

Why such control cable maybe need?

FLEXBALL cables used in particularly important cases such as in aircraft, high-speed rail transport, trains and subway trains, in sports cars etc., wherever necessary precision transmission of large forces.

Please note that during transportation the cable should be placed in a certain way.

Please see manual for FLEXBALL cables.

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