Repair of the remote control cable

What is a control cable? Generally it is bearing, often sliding bearing and in special cases – rolling bearings. Like any bearing, rope is selected by the corresponding load and has a working capacity, expressed in number of cycles „push-pull”. Control cables production technology of company „Systems of Control – ConSys” allows increasing this value to 800 000 cycles. Repair bearing, as well as control cable, is sometimes possible, but is unlikely to do so.

It just changed to a new one, because control cable repair is not possible in most cases!

But since, control cable – not a cheap product, see what we can do in the case of damage:

  • Out of order end fittings (ball joints, clevises, dampers, etc.) – can be repaired or replaced with new ones – order from us (we offer any fittings).
  • Control cable lengthened (stretched) and you cannot turn on actuator (gearbox, pump, PTO, hydraulic pump, valve, brake, etc.). This is possible after prolonged use. Design all manufacturers of control cables provides able to troubleshoot the problem by adjusting the size of the installation within the 25-30 mm on each side of the cable. Greatly helps construction described on our page
  • Cable jammed and there is no movement forward or back. This can happen for various reasons: wear so that the friction between the conduit and the core became very large, or a cable is frozen in the cold. You can try to apply the grease and to restore working condition. To lubricate the cables recommend MOLYKOTE® G72. This lubricant is specially designed by the manufacturer for control cables. Please note that the control cables made by us, have no lubrication (except some cases where NANOPROTEC lubricant used to reduce the wear), because cable friction parts coated with a material Polystone M-slide, having a very low coefficient of friction equal to 0.07. Do not forget that the cable can „freeze” only if it gets wet and condensation inside it. The reason is the wear or destruction of cable seals, so watch carefully for its seals, for replacement avoid using rubber or PVC (at least, the seal must be oil-resistant). Our seals are made from polyurethane. Bellows „fits” on top of all seals and must have a through-hole (it worse) or buffer (this is better) in order to compensate change in the volume of air when cable moving.
  • In cable damage the conduit (worn off or melt). We recommend replace such cable and do not use alternative handy tools, because serviceable cable – this is safety of your driving!

Samples of damaged cables:

Ремонт тросов

Summary: Repair of the control cable is possible sometimes, but we advise to change it to a new one!

We are ready to make any cable configuration for all models of buses, trucks, combines and tractors, special purpose vehicles.

ATTENTION! Unique offer from company „Systems of Control – ConSys” – we produce cable based on your sample! This proposal works next way:

  • You send the defective cable to us using any carrier;
  • We will send you back a brand new robust cable – an exact copy of your worn-out cable


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